Evidenced by a 20-year career creating magical things in the fields of Film, Television, Comics, and Toys, Malaki strives for a unique look in all he creates. Whether detailing comic pages, crafting props and costumes, or designing and building toys, each of his creations develops its own sense of personality. Past credits include Alien Resurrection and Starship Troopers on film, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Yo Gabba Gabba! on TV, and Airwalk and Heineken advertising campaigns. Working in foam, clay, resin, plastic, wood and any material necessary to accomplish the project, he has on occasion even worked with chocolate.



About me

To continue to grow and build my skill set as a master craftsmen. To create new and exciting things that entertain and bring joy.


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  • Pattern making in Foam and Fabric.
  • Machining¬†on a Lathe & Mill using Metal and Wood.
  • Sculpting with Clay and Carving hard Foam.
  • Mold Making Using Silicone, Fiberglass and Stone.
  • Casting using urethane resins and various other types of materials



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